We consider fairness in our management behavior, in cooperation within the company and with business partners as a prerequisite for our success. 

We consider fairness in our management behavior, in cooperation within the company and with business partners as a prerequisite for our success. 

Our offerings

We are an international group of specialized companies. We are well known for our large portfolio of product handling equipment such as product flow regulators, robotic distribution or conveying systems, and processing equipment for the bar, candy, and gum industries.

Our experienced teams have a great passion for innovation. With this inspiring technology that we are creating, we aim to offer solutions that are the best for your production! The many years of know-how allow us to find cost-effective concepts even for customized requirements. Our goal is to allow customers to optimize their product unit cost. Besides that, we aim to be professionals: prompt, flexible, and reliable; we keep our promises; our quality equipment is safe to use, easy to clean and maintain, and respects the environment.

Our Group

The ROTZINGER Group emerged from ROTZINGER AG in Kaiseraugst (Switzerland) and was created to federate the growing number of companies. Starting with conveying and buffering equipment, the Group now offers a complete portfolio from processing to packaging serving industries such as biscuit, chocolate, bakery, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and more. The scope includes physical elements to digital services allowing customers to control and manage entire processes from sensor to ERP and over multiple plants. Our main goal is to help our customers to reduce the unit cost of their products.

ROTZINGER Group belongs to Fourtec, a family of four friends, all in leading positions. The Group accounts for close to 500 employees worldwide.

In the ROTZINGER Group, we have fun doing business and enjoy the many customers who keep coming back to us with new projects!

Our members

Starting as a machine controls company in 1982, Philippe RAMSEIER and his knowledgeable team have developed AUTEXIS to become a leader in automation and industrial digitalization.

  • AUTEXIS consists of two division: AUTEXIS Control builds from simple machine controls to complex process control systems in food and non-food industries. AUTEXIS IT builds and markets the “Digital Factory”, a scalable MES software package allowing customers to lead its staff and to control processes from the sensor to the ERP. This cutting-edge technology allows customers to identify dormant potential to increase efficiency and to improve product quality. Since 2020, ROTZINGER Group is co-owner of AUTEXIS – a partner that fits perfectly in the ROTZINGER Group. AUTEXIS is based in Villmergen (Switzerland) and employs 40 employees.

Founded in 1983 by Marc-Olivier DEMAUREX, the company has gradually become a leader in pick & place Delta robotic systems.

  • It is well known in the chocolate, biscuit, bakery, and many non-food industries. This family business with over 90 employees located in the French part of Switzerland joined the ROTZINGER Group in 2018. The arrival of the Delta robots in the Group was a technological boost that gave birth to several new integrated solutions for product handling and distribution and led to new packaging concepts. A team of developers is working on innovative technologies to find new ways to support our customers’ processes.


In 1921, Albert HENKEL senior and junior developed their company into a flourishing business with affiliates worldwide. 

  • In 1966, BOSCH took over and continued developing the well-known companies Strunck and Togum into the portfolio.The company located in Viersen (Germany) with over 100 employees joined the ROTZINGER Group beginning in 2021. With this extension, the ROTZINGER Group provides processing and packaging solutions for confectionery, gum, and bars and filling & capping machinery, thus allowing customers to obtain a broader range of equipment from one source.

Founded in 1994, Moses FARAHANI has brought the company to great success. With many ingenious ideas and a user-friendly design, MF-Hamburg has become a name in the industry. 

  • The company is located in Tangstedt (Germany) and employs 25 people. The yearlong partnership of MF-hamburg with HANSELLA, mainly for chocolate enrobing and cooling of bars, has led the ROTZGINER Group to foster the relationship and take a majority stake in MF-hamburg. This new technology for the Group will lead to the creation of integrated solutions.

Tomàs MULET had already 20 years of experience with unscrambling of bottles when he founded PACKFEEDER in 2002 in a suburb Barcelona.

  • The company with its more than 20 employees is having a growing success with unscramblers known for their simple and intuitive design. The constant appearance of new bottle types and the will to learn has allowed PACKFEEDER to develop innovative solutions and to fulfill their customers’ needs. The Pickfeeder unscrambler with its robotic design brings equally higher performance and greater versatility. PACKFEEDER joined the ROTZINGER Group in 2022; it brings synergies with HANSELLA, ROTZINGER PharmaPack and DEMAUREX and becomes a base for the Group to better serve Spanish customers.

Founded in 1948 by Karl ROTZINGER, the conveyor and buffer business grew nicely. The ROTZINGER brand became synonymous with “buffer” (meaning “product flow regulator”).

  • Since the arrival of SIG (today a Syntegon company) as a minority shareholder, the focus is on efficiently conveying and distributing products in the food industries for chocolate, biscuits, bakeries, and frozen food. The company based in Kaiseraugst (Switzerland) accounts for 80 employees and has become a leading supplier of solutions to improve product distribution efficiency, flow regulation, and buffering.

The Cartoning and Track & Trace division of Syntegon (formerly Bosch Packaging) with its more than 100 employees joined the ROTZINGER Group in 2021.

  • Bosch started their pharma business with the acquisition of “Hesser” (since 1861) and of “Höfliger und Karg” (since 1945) in the late 60ies. Many new products helped Bosch to reach a leading position in the pharmaceutical industry. Short after the transition from Bosch Packaging to Syntegon, the “Cartoning and Track&Trace” division joined the ROTZINGER Group. This new family member is helping the ROTZINGER Group to grow its business in the pharmaceutic and cosmetic industries together with HANSELLA, to foster its position in the field of track&trace with AUTEXIS and to support its initiatives for sustainable packaging with the ESP (Eco Save Pack).

Founded in 1968 by Werner BÜHRER, the company specialized in transportation equipment for the packaging industry (which gave the name “TRANSport und VERpackung”).

  • TRANSVER is famous for its functional conveyors such as curves, angled belts, distribution stations, complex biscuit or wash-down distribution systems and feeding chains. The company based in Altendorf (Switzerland) with their more than 50 employees joined the ROTZINGER Group in 2011 and has more than doubled their staff since.

ROTZINGER Group, Inc. was founded in 2022. It is the official representation of the entire ROTZINGER Group and hub of all its business activities in North America, particularly in the United States.




Management Team

Oscar ROTH





President MF-hamburg GmbH


Delegate of the Board of Directors


General Manager HANSELLA GmbH


President of AUTEXIS Holding AG


General Manager TRANSVER AG


General Manager DEMAUREX SA

Our Locations

  • Autexis Holding AG
    Durisolstrasse 6
    5612 Villmergen
    Phone: +41 56 619 11 11

    Kölnische Strasse 1-3, Viersen
    Nordrhein-Westfalen 41747
    Phone: +49 2162 248 0
    Avenue du Tir-Fédéral 44
    1024 Ecublens
    Phone: +41 21 633 52 00
  • MF-hamburg GmbH
    Bäckerbarg 4 - 7
    22889 Tangstedt
    Phone: +49 4109 2519420

    Calle Camí de la Font de les Canyes, 60

    08227 Terrassa Barcelona

    Phone: +34 93 736 11 63


    Rinaustrasse 30
    4303 Kaiseraugst
    Phone: +41 61 815 11 11
  • ROTZINGER PharmaPack GmbH     

    Stuttgarter Strasse 130              

    71332 Waiblingen                                          


    Phone: +49 7151 259 3810


    Zürcherstrasse 42
    8852 Altendorf
    Phone: +41 55 451 88 88