-Cost advantage with curved belt conveyors 

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“The trend has clearly been toward stainless steel for several years,” explains Transver sales director Sebastian Mettler. He describes the status quo in the design of metal structures for straight and curved belt conveyors. Here, mild steel has a significant cost advantage over stainless steel, which is currently not infrequently around five euros per kilogram. Particularly in the case of large curves where a lot of material is used, there is therefore potential for savings, the use of which should be considered in many cases. 

For this reason, Transver now offers its high-quality KC curved belt conveyors in both stainless steel and painted mild steel. Three things are worth emphasizing here: First, stainless steel is used for all structural elements that come into contact with the belt itself, even in the low-cost version. This means that no compromises have to be made in terms of hygiene. Secondly, Tranver passes on the cost savings in material purchasing to the customer on a one-to-one basis. Thirdly, the customer receives the usual high Transver quality, regardless of which material he chooses.  

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