Paloma WD

The Paloma WD intends to process products arriving on a conveyor in a random position and place them in cartons, cases, blisters, or even directly in a machine chain such as a flow pack. The modular design of Paloma WD allows it to integrate at the end of any production process efficiently.

  • Meets your most stringent hygiene requirements.
  • Guarantees fast cleaning. The equipment thus offers high production availability.
  • Easier visual inspection and manual cleaning.
  • Customized solutions for production of up to 2’000 products/min.
  • The vision system also includes high-performance quality control.
  • HMI provides ease and flexibility of use.
  • You benefit from our 25 years of experience.
  • Ready for your applications in different areas: cookies, bakery, fresh and frozen food, pizza, fish, meat and dairy applications, and more.



  • Easy-to-clean and hygienic design for washdown applications
  • Integrated vision system with quality controls
  • New stainless steel delta robot IP69K
  • Solutions for production speed up to 2’000 ppm