-Sustainable packaging 

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Recyclable materials made exclusively of paper are a general market trend. Demand among pharmaceutical and healthcare companies for recyclable mono-packaging has also risen steadily in recent years – and for good reasons: Manufacturers thus benefit from a smaller ecological footprint and at the same time reduce costs, as they can avoid several process steps in production. 

To meet these requirements, Faller Packaging and Rotzinger PharmaPack have strengthened their joint cooperation in sustainable packaging. Through this collaboration, both companies combine their competencies to create a harmonized concept of machine and packaging solution. Novel packaging forms are created, for example the Eco Save Pack, an innovative packaging based exclusively on cardboard. The aim was to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a sustainable secondary packaging that can be used flexibly for different pharmaceutical products and at the same time offers greater protection for fragile products such as syringes, vials and ampoules. This project was featured in a joint whitepaper.